Top, heart, and base notes in your candle

Top, heart, and base notes in your candle

Ever wondered why some candles have different smells when you light them? It's because of something called top, heart, and base notes. Let's explore this and find out what it means, especially if you're not a scent expert.

The basics:

What are Top, Heart, and Base Notes? These words don’t mean your candle has layers. They just describe how the smell changes.

Top Note

Like when you open a new bag of coffee or peel an orange. It's the first smell of the candle when it's not burning, usually fresh and nice.

Heart Notes

Think of the smells when you sip tea or walk past flowers.These smells come out as the candle burns, like flowery or fruity scents.

Base Notes

Imagine comforting scents like vanilla or wood.These smells get stronger as the candle burns.

The misconception

It's important to know that your candle isn't made of layers. The words just explain how the smell changes as the candle burns.

Why does it matter?

A changing smell

Understanding these words helps you notice how the smell of your candle changes. It's like smelling different things as you enjoy it.

Picking your favorite

Knowing these words can help you choose candles that smell just right for you. Whether you like fresh, flowery, or warm scents, there's a candle for everyone.

Making the room feel good

Candles don't just give light; they make the room feel good. Learning about smells helps you create a nice atmosphere.


So, next time you light a candle, pay attention to how the smell changes. It's like a little journey of scents waiting for you to explore!

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