Welcome to Botanica Aroma

Welcome to Botanica Aroma

Where scent meets sustainability

At Botanica Aroma, we believe that scent is a powerful tool for creating a relaxing and well-being-enhancing atmosphere in your home. We've set out to create high-quality, sustainable scented candles that not only indulge your senses but also tread lightly on our planet. Let's get acquainted with Botanica Aroma and discover why our candles are truly special.

1. Handcrafted in the heart of Amsterdam

Our candles are lovingly and meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Amsterdam. Each candle is a work of art, made with craftsmanship and attention to detail. The result is a top-quality product that you won't find on the shelves of major retail chains.

2. Sustainability at the core

At Botanica Aroma, we're committed to embracing sustainability. Our scented candles are made from 100% natural soy wax, which is renewable and biodegradable. This means you can enjoy our candles without worrying about harmful chemicals or their impact on the environment. Moreover, our candles offer a longer burning time, allowing you to savor their delightful fragrances for longer.

3. Wooden wicks for a unique experience

What truly sets Botanica Aroma apart is our use of wooden wicks in our candles. These wooden wicks create a soft, crackling sound reminiscent of a cozy fireplace. Additionally, they have a slower burning rate, resulting in extended burn times and even fragrance distribution. It's an experience that will delight all your senses.

4. Promoting self-care

At Botanica Aroma, we believe in the power of self-care. Our scented candles are designed to help you relax, reduce stress, and enhance your well-being. With scents tailored to every season, you can create a self-care ritual that suits you perfectly.

5. A world of scents to explore

Our scented candles are available in an array of enticing fragrances, from the calming scent of Palo Santo to the vibrant freshness of Eucalyptus. We invite you to explore our scents and find the one that best matches your taste and mood.

At Botanica Aroma, we take pride in our commitment to quality, sustainability, and your well-being. We hope our scented candles will find a special place in your home and help transform every moment into a soothing and meaningful experience.

Thank you for getting to know Botanica Aroma. We look forward to welcoming you to our world of scents and wellness.

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